August 17th, 2007

scary happy face n_n

Another impromptu meet up?! Also, kanzashi supplies question~

Hi guys! From our last meet, everyone seemed like they would be up for another meet up before Vivien leaves for England next Saturday! So would any date from Wednesday to Saturday (22~25) at 1pm sound good? Same place? or would you guys like to go somewhere else? I mention Saturday, because it's the only day that wonderocalypse can make.. Possibly, would you guys be interested in making two dates?

Also.. I think we got off topic XD and forgot.. but would you guys rather buy your own kanzashi supplies or be interested in Vivien's idea and paypal her some money to buy the supplies for you? Please answer if you're planning to go! Thanks!

I'm also going to post on egl.. I forgot to mention that we were meeting up and I want to scout for as many local lolitas as possible! The more the merrier~!

I hope we can all make another fun get together! It really was great hanging out with you guys <3~!