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Dim Sum and Silk Shopping for Kanzashi Picnic - Final Plans!

What: Dim sum at very delicious restaurant and silk shopping at a nearby G-Street Fabrics~
When: Tuesday, 25th at 12 noon, meet in front of Mark's Duck House
Where: at Mark's Duck House and G-Street Fabrics in Falls Church
Mark's Duck House
6184 Arlington Blvd # A
Willston Center I
Falls Church, VA 22044, US
703 532-2125

G-Street Fabrics of Falls Church
Seven Corners Center
6250 Seven Corners Center
Falls Church, Virginia 22044
Phone: 703-241-1700

Meeting point: In front of Mark's Duck House. Expect a regular old shopping center with lots of Asian and Latino stores/restaurants. It's not amazingly beautiful, inside or outside, but the food is great! There'll be tale tell duck in the window displays of course >x>;

Dim Sum Menu: http://www.marksduckhouse.com/specialmenu.htm
Menu: http://www.marksduckhouse.com/mainmenu.htm

Price: Please keep in mind that Dim Sum is very expensive when tallied together, the dishes range from 2.50 to 7.50 each. We can probably split the tab, but it might come to a lot if many dishes are ordered ^^; You can also order off the regular menu on your own if you like. They're very famous for their duck dishes by the way! I love Peking Duck <3

Dress code: You can wear whatever you wish, lolita, casual lolita, or just casual ^^; (because, I'm a messy food freak .x.;; so I'm going to probably wear casual lolita or just plain casual..)

Details: We'll be meeting up in front of Mark's Duck House for some great dim sum! You can also order off the regular menu for yourself, if you like. We'll probably share and split both the dim sum and bill. Afterwards, we'll be going to G-Street fabrics to go shopping for kanzashi supplies, particularly silk, for the upcoming picnic that Saturday! Here's a supply list that vivcore provided us with :D
Silk, tweezers, rice glue, scissors, 26 gauge florist wire, cardboard, spare piece of wood for spreading glue on, embroidery thread and decorations. Optionally, a piece of cloth to wipe your hands with and a piece of foam to stick drying flowers into. If you're lucky, you can catch our group order for tweezers here: http://community.livejournal.com/nova_lolitas/16756.html
I'm already buying 10 tubes of nori rice glue (6.50$ each) ^^; but they go first to those who asked first. Sorry!
The rest can be bought on our trip or on your own ^^

If there are any questions or comments, feel free to ask! Also, if you can, let me know if you're coming :D! Here's a list of people probably coming~! I'm going to try to invite MD lolitas too ~_~;; but as usual, running late. Posting a note in egl/md_grandeur then..

Who: vivcore

Oh, and phone numbers.. I have all of the people listed so far ^^ but if someone else is coming and would like my number, please let me know at: kalisa at cox dot net. Thanks!
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