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Northern Virginia
Meadowlark Garden Meet may 4th 12 noon 
22nd-Apr-2013 02:07 pm

This is weather permitting if it rains this wont happen.

if your not on Facebook just post here so I can get a headcount.

The info:

There is a picnic area off the parking lot, we will meet there at 12 and have lunch (bring your own nothing is sold there) and then at 1 for those who are late/ or don't want to picnic go into the park.

There is no food aloud inside the park.

Cost to get in is $5, If you have a student ID it may be less (this was 2 years ago when I went)

There is a heavy no portrait photography rule, so if your bringing a pro camera make sure they know that is just to email photos to your mom or something. I called and they said as long as your not making money off of it its okay. But we trying to stay on the DL don't want anyone getting in trouble.

There may be a wedding close to the picnic area or in the grounds, if so there are still tons of places for us to walk.

WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. This place is hilly and not all paths are paved.
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