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17th-Feb-2013 08:17 pm - UPDATE: Oz the Great and Powerful!!!


Oz the Great and Powerful Meetup!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm SUPER excited! I mean it's Disney, it's Oz, the animation and special effects look insane... need I say more?

I'm proposing Saturday March 9th at Tysons Corner for the 4PM showing. It is a IMAX 3D reserved seating showing. This means the ultimate movie going experience. We get to pick our own seats so that makes sure that we get to sit together and that we have good seats. Please let me know ASAP so that I know how many to reserve tickets for. We will meet outside the theater around 3:40.

Hope all is well! Looking forward to seeing all you lovelies soon!

Guest list:



I am picking up Galaxygirllove at West Falls Metro at 3:20 if anyone else needs to be picked up, let me know.

Check out all the info here:

7th-Jan-2013 04:05 pm - Katsucon 19 meetup
Anyone know if there is going to be a meetup at Katsucon 19 or where I can find out? Thank You.
23rd-Dec-2012 10:08 pm - I'm actually from WV.
Hi, I'm from West Virginia and I live in the Eastern Panhandle, literally 15 minutes from Virginia. I was wondering if I could join this community since the West Virginia community is nonexistent. I just would really like to, one day, attend a meeting or something but that's not going to happen in WV.
29th-Nov-2012 11:28 pm - Hi, I'm new
I just moved back to Alexandria, VA from being in Italy and before that, Norfolk and VA Beach. Being married to the military moves me around a lot. I would love to get more into the fashion. I'm new so I don't have any friends in the area. I would love to make some. I did my first dress up at Nekocon this year. Hello everyone.

Oh and I also own BJDs ^_^

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20th-Oct-2012 10:02 am - Anime USA Meet up!
I was thinking that we should have a swap meet and those who aren't swapping can't just converse with other Lolita's. After swapping and such maybe we could grab a bite and wander around around the dealers room. Then even later maybe we all could attend the Ringmasters Ball in our fancys. If you're interested comment bellow.
Once the schedule comes out I'll have more details.
29th-Aug-2012 09:37 pm - Lolita Picnic this Sunday
On Sunday the DC Anime Club is hosting a lolita-themed event.
Any of you guys planning on going?
The info is here (scroll down to the bottom): http://www.dcanimeclub.org/Events.html
20th-Aug-2012 11:13 pm - Anime USA
I know its over two months away, but if were planing things for December we can plan things for November. :) So I was wondering if anyone else is going to Anime USA? I will be there Friday and Saturday (as long as I keep my grades up) dressed in my lolita best. If a few of us are going it would be fun to get together for diner or just hang around the con for a bit.
8th-Aug-2012 03:15 pm - hello
I am newish to the lolita community and thought I'd introduce myself here first (instead of at the enormous egl).

When I first learned about lolita fashion, it was incredibly obscure and I figured I was already too old for it so I just remained a passive fan.  It wasn't until I passed my mid-20s that I learned lolita had really taken off in the US and that there were incredibly lj communities devoted to it (with meet ups and whatnot).  I went to Otakon a few weeks ago and, again, saw there were so many girls using the con as an opportunity to meet other lolita.  So anyway, I finally dusted off my ancient lj account and found myself here.

Being 31 now and older than Misako Aoki (who is in her late 20s), I feel like I missed my chance to wear lolita and really regret it. But, I like to support the community in other ways and at heart, I love the world associated with lolita fashion.  So hello! If you have any advice for me, I'd appreciate it :3
lolita vanity
Me and another member of our local community want to bring together all Lolitas in the areas of Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland this December for a large party for International Lolita Day!

The plan is reserving a room in a nice hotel, having tea and an early dinner, followed by some simple games, a raffle with several prizes and finally a private screening of the movie Kamikaze Girls for everyone in attendance. There will be music, fun and hopefully this will help bring new and veteran Lolitas alike in the area together, since we are all so spread out.

However, I need to know how many people would be interested in something like this. While it's a bit early, I'm hoping you all could comment and let me know if you would be interested. Those who are maybe visiting the area durning that time (December 1st) are more than welcome to join us too!

The link for the Facebook page we have created for the event is right here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Grand-International-Lolita-Day-Party-DC-MD-VA-WVa/344524138956424

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