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Northern Virginia
Metro Lolitas on FB ... Feel free to join us! 
17th-Mar-2013 10:26 pm
My apologies for no official introduction to the community, but I wanted to take some time to share this bit of information for ant DMV Lolitas who may want to join our new/ small community.

I'm not that active here on LJ, as of recent, but please feel free to reach out at any time :-D
Thank you for your time in advance and I appreciate you all.

{Hi yah all! Just wanted to share that a sister community, Metro Lolitas, has been created in response to the influx of members joining here in Charm City but closer to the DMV. This particular group's hopes are to encourage more meet-ups & related activities for those of us who may be bound by Metro. Please understand that this group is merely an extension of Charm City & no (negative) separation of any kinds is being encouraged. We can all still share & share alike ^^

Any & all are welcomed and I hope to create the same welcoming & accepting feel as Charm City.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/metrololitas/ }

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